Update to AnsPress 4.1.0

There aren’t any breaking changes in this version, so it can be updated directly from wp-admin. But you need to follow some steps if you have custom slugs for AnsPress pages.

Since this version, AnsPress require WP pages for all of its subpages. AnsPress will attempt to create those pages while updating / activating. But if it fails for some reason, then you can manually create pages and set them in the option. Check below screenshot for more details:

If you are using custom slug for AnsPress pages then you have to simply change page slug. Saving the option will automatically flush the rewrite rules but if you get 404 error then save permalinks in WordPress settings.

Apart from this, question.php in templates is renamed to single-question.php. So, if you are overriding question.php make sure to rename it.

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