Description #

AnsPress reputation events table.

Changelog #


Source #

File: activate.php

	public function reputation_events_table() {
		global $wpdb;

		$this->tables[] = 'CREATE TABLE ' . $wpdb->ap_reputation_events . ' (
			rep_events_id bigint(20) UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
			slug varchar(100) NOT NULL UNIQUE,
			icon varchar(100) NOT NULL,
			label varchar(100) NOT NULL,
			description varchar(200) NOT NULL,
			activity varchar(200) NOT NULL,
			parent varchar(100) NOT NULL DEFAULT \'\',
			points int(5) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
			PRIMARY KEY  (rep_events_id),
			KEY points_key (points),
			KEY parent_key (parent)
		)' . $this->charset_collate . ';';

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