AnsPress_Cli::upgrade( array $args, mixed $assoc_args )

Description #

Upgrade AnsPress 3.x data to 4.x.

Warning! This will delete/edit/rename lots of mysql rows and tables, so make sure to do a full backup before running this command.


[–yes] : Passing this will not ask for backup confirm.


wp anspress upgrade --yes

Parameters #

  • $args
    array (Required) Arguments.
  • $assoc_args
    mixed (Required) Options.

Source #

File: lib/class-anspress-cli.php

	public function upgrade( $args, $assoc_args ) {
		print( "=== Starting upgrade process ===\n\r" );

		// Confirm before proceeding.
		WP_CLI::confirm( 'Make sure you had backed up your website before starting upgrade process. Do you wish to proceed further?', $assoc_args );


		print( "\n\r=== Upgrade process completed ===\n\r" );

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