Widgets not shown in Askbug

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Hello again,

I have imported the widgets in Askbug theme following the instructions in your document.

The footer of the site has the right widgets but in the admin page, there are not any widget in the Footer left, middle left, middle right and right. Whats should I do to edit this widgets?

I am also trying to replicate the widgets in the homepage but I cannot do it. I have selected as homepage the “ANSPRESS_TITLE” page. I have chosen the “defatult template” but what I get is the TOP Users and Categories  widgets and in the “Home sidebar” in the admin area I have another widgets selected.

You can see my test in http://dietistasqa.wpengine.com/

Did you set your home page as static home page? if you don’t set static page home.php will be loaded.

Please read the Page template section in AskBug documents.

You are right. The problem was that I had selected the page ANSPRESS_TITLE as the home page in wordpress options. You can mark the question as resolved