Why I am seeing a NESTED Duplicate answers?

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I created a question. Then I answered it.
Click on the “Active” tab & all my question-answer became Nested-Duplicate.
See hereĀ https://futurecaps.com/stock-question/i-am-holding-yes-bank-for-last-5-years-what-should-i-do/
Is this a bug?
How to fix this?

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NO, I have not customized the AnsPress them.
No page builder tools been used.

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Hi Rahul,
I have not used any customized them.
I am using WordPress theme

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Can you try switching to a different theme and check for same issue. If you don’t see this issue then this issue is related to your theme. Lemme know.


Have you customized AnsPress theme? Or are you using any page builder tools, if yes please share their names?

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