When user gets email notification about a new answer the link is wrong

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I created a new private question for testing and wrote answer under another user. The author received email notification but link on answer is wrong. It does not contain base for question page I see in email http://mysite.com/answer but have to be  http://mysite.com/questions/answer

Could you please fix it or tell where I can fix it by myself.

Now I see that this bug only in first answer. Second answer was sent correctly.

Hmm sorry maybe I did something wrong. But now I can’t reproduce this bug again.


Hope issue solved. May be you have edited email template permalink ?

Yes issue solved. I do not have email templates, maybe I did that test too quickly and some AJAX have not executed yet… magic %-) it happens some times.

I just got email notification about your answer on another question and that email without link:


A new comment posted on \\\’\\\’ by Rahul Aryan.

Link: http://anspress.io/questions/question/latest-release-issues/?show_answer=3180#answer_3180#comment-10122

Maybe some bug with links in emails still somewhere there…

Will check.