Vote Up and Vote down Issue

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Hi Rahul,


1.When i vote up to any Question/Answer after that ideally “voteĀ up buttton” should be disable, but instead of that “vote down button” disappearing.

2. I want to increase views count only once from every IP, how i can achieve that?

3. how i can assign question to all parent category of selected category?

4. how i can overwrite theme/plugins files.


Actually I did as you mention in any other answer, but it’s not working

I copied files from




but nothing happening.


Please guide me which files and how i can overwrite? also need solution for the plugin files.

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Hello Sanju,

  1. I am sure it because of your custom CSS. Please check in browser console.
  2. This cannot be done now, I will add a hook into our view and then let you know.
  3. This feature is already in our task list, will be added soon.
  4. Your are doing it wrong. You cannot override those file like this. Instead you have to copy functions.php and then change the include path there.
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