Vote does not work upon “Enable Object Cache”

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Hello @Rahul,
How is going?:)
Recently, I replaced WP redis cache plugin ( with redis-cache (
But once “Enable Object Cache” (, the vote function will does not work, and just show please undo your vote first, would you please let me know the reason please?

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Hi Alex,
I am doing fine. Thanks.
You are right, AnsPress does not work well with persistence caching. Even other plugin do not work well with persistent caching. I am trying to find a way to overcome this issue. I am trying to write my own codes to handle redis cache. But it will require some time. Until then I suggest you to use memcached and PHP Apc.

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Any way to make Anspress bypass as of right now in WP?
I know that might require complex instructions, but is that possible, now? 

I’ve worked on static sites where various functions have been utilized to bypass redis persistent cache.

However, for dynamic sites, systems or let’s say WordPress, plugins must be configured to handle redis cache quite differently as due to such problems faced arising due to dynamic content. 

Yes it’s completely possible. You only have to add AnsPress cache key and groups to exclude list of object caching.