Users directory page and single user profile have different slug structure

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Hi all!

I’m starting to test 3.0.1 on a staging environment and I’ll try to report here any issue I find. Some of them existed before 3.0, so they are not particularly related to that update. Here is the first one:

In AnsPress Options > General, I unchecked “Base page slug before user page permalink“. This is working fine and I have a slug like “”. Great! Thing is, the Users directory page is not following the same slug structure and I have something like “”.

I wouldn’t say it’s a a bug but I really think it would make more sense that single user profile page and users directory page use the same slug structure. What do you think?

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Hi Fred,

Good to see you again after long time.

Yes, its not a bug. You can simply solve this issue by creating a new page Users and add this shortcode:

[anspress page="users"]

And instead of adding AnsPress users page to menu, add this newly created page.

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Hi Rahul,

Where can I find the complete list of all available shortcodes?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Rahul!
Good to see you again too. Ah, ah ! Yes, it makes sense, should have thought about it! 😉
PS: after I (finally) finish the French translation of AnsPress, I thought that a good way of helping the project would be to work on the documentation (detailed doc means less questions here, means more time for developing and coding no?): how can I help on this matter?

@Fred, Thanks for your continued contribution toward AnsPress. Please clone this repo and add edit md files and when its done send a pull request and I will merge it.

@Volodymyr, There are only two shorcode in AnsPress [anspress] and [question].

@Rahul Ok. 😀