User Role Problem

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When im testing my site and a new user signs up, they get assigned a certain role “customer”, then when they try to ask question in anspress page it says “you do not have sufficient permissions”. I thought there would be a setting to set permissions, but it’s not in any of the configuration tabs. How can I let any user signed up ask a question?



This issue has been already reported. And I said before AnsPress will grant all basic roles to every user roles.

Fix will be pushed tomorrow. keep tracking github commits.


Im a bit confused? When did you say? And what do you mean? How can I enable any user to have permission? Thanks 🙂

I said that patch for the issue will be pushed tomorrow. We are working on this issue.

Great – thank you very much! How will it be fixed? Will there be an option or tickbox to set?

You don’t have to do anything.. now anspress will allow all basic capabilities to all roles

Pushed fix to github, please download master zip and try. Let me know.

Thanks will do, whats the link?

thanks so much for your dedication man, I appreciate it very very much. 🙂 So do I just upload this into my wp plugin installer? it contains the update and fixes?

Thanks. Yes simply upload but remember to remove previous AnsPress first 🙂

And what about my css overrides? Will they stay?