User profile header css broken and flushed left

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Hello Rahul,

Your plugin is superb and I see it becoming mainstream for all Q&A developments.

User profile page header not properly formatted and force-flushed header-image to left. See attached image. Whats do I do to fix this?




Hello, Its look like some CSS are broken or missing in your site. Can you share your site link so that I can check?

Hello, Have you done any customization? use page should look like this: If problem persists please re-install theme.

No Rahul, I have not done any sort of customisation except for creating a child theme, function.php, style.css. I have not added any new code to those files at the moment. Note also that I have not introduced any 3rd party plugin at the moment. Where could the problem be coming from and how do I fix it please?

Please send me credentials of site at [email protected]

Hello Rahul, I have sent you credentials since and I havent heared from you or the problem resolved. What should I do?

Hello, Yes, I have checked your site. Once I disable child theme everything seems fine. Will you create child theme from scratch again using this site: Lemme know after that.