User Profile dropdown and notification disappeared after Anspress update

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After updating to latest Anspress version, the User profile dropdown menu and notification disappeared. How can this error be resolved?


Ive got the same problem. But installed anspress straight from WordPress plugins. Running ask bug.

The user profile and notifications don’t dropdown or link to anything, just spin.


How did you updated? just replaced files? try deactivate and again re-activate to trigger activation hook.

Notification and subscription system has re-coded in 2.4 and if you are overriding notifications then make sure to match it with new notifications theme file.

I directly updated through WordPress. Also I tried deactivating and again re-activated the plugin. Still the User profile dropdown and notification globe is misssing

Is there any solution to it? I am still not able to get the User Profile Menu Dropdown and Notification dropdown after updating to the latest anspress version

Any solution to get this resolved?