User are unable to post any comment on question and ans

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Hi, i am using AnsPress using plugin on my site, but users are unable to post any comment on question & ans. Please help me. I want user can post comment on ques/ans using name and email id. This is my question url.


Did you enabled comments from WordPress discussion settings?

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Yes comment is enabled on both questions and answers, i have disabled all other plugin as well and checked, but the issue was same, I want non register user can also comment on que and ans. Right now it gives only error message “unable to post comment” only. Please check here:

Oh, then it will not work. I am working on anonymous comment which will be available in upcoming version.

no you are not getting, if user is not logged in at least it should say please login or sign up, right now its doesn’t give any alert and shown only tool-tip “Unable to comment” at the left bottom, Just check this URL once

Yes it was fixed it current development version. please wait for beta release.