Url button wordpress 4.5 breaks it

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I looks as if the latest wordpress 4.5 breaks the use of the url button in the editor. When I click it nothing happens in anspress.

Am I alone with this or anybody else who have updated to wordpress 4.5 on Anspress 2.4.8?

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I would suggest to turn off automatic updates for WP. It ALWAYS breaks something when a new major release is out.

I know it is on my test site, but I would like to know if others have this issue?


Yes, it did.

I think this issue is coming from WP core, not AnsPress. We do not have any code for rendering editor. New version of WordPress have many new JavaScript changes, so probably its breaking url button. I will check if there is any chnage on TinyMCE.

Also try to report same issue to wp.org forum.

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