Upgrade AnsPress from Version 3.0.5 to latest (4.x)

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Hi Rahul,

My current Anspress Version is 3.0.5. I want to update it to latest. But there is no option to update it from Plugins section of WP-Admin.

Can you please point me in the correct direction. Like if I just delete the old plugin directory with all its contents and replace with new one, will it work? I don’t want to lose my existing data. Or what steps should I follow for safe upgrade without losing data.

Also it seems my AskBug theme licence has expired. I want that to renew too. Please let me know how to contact you for that?


(Sorry I wasn’t active for a long time. I am not able to keep myself updated with my current studies.)





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Hello Atul,

As upgrade script is removed from 4.1.x. To upgrade it properly simply follow below steps:

– Download 4.0.6 from here: https://github.com/anspress/anspress/archive/4.0.6.zip
– Install it manually replacing old AnsPress.
– Open commandline and run `wp anspress upgrade –yes`. Make sure wp-cliinstalled. Upgrading from wp-cli will make upgrade process smoother.
– Once completed, check site once and then update to latest version of AnsPress.

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Thank you for your reply. But I am using Shared hosting on Hostgator. I don’t have access to command line. So can pleaee tell me, how proceed with this step — “Open commandline and run `wp anspress upgrade –yes`. Make sure wp-cliinstalled.”

The command needs 2 dashes before yes. `wp anspress upgrade –yes`

Note: this will not work with 4.0.5, so people using WPackgist and composer are out of luck.

Not sure about it. But command will work even without –yes flag.

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