Unable to re-attach an image or media I deleted from the question

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An image or media that was deleted from a new question can not be re-attached.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Ask question
  2. Attach an image
  3. Click the trash icon to delete the image
  4. Try to select and attach the same image
  5. That image won’t appear in the attachment section
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Once you click trash icon its deleted completely. For deleting from content simply click on image and few tinyMce option will appear there you’ll find delete button.

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Hello Rahul, To elaborate more about this UX issue, here is a YouTube video illustrating the challenge: https://youtu.be/RSHPtkUcQdg. I uploaded banner4.jpg at 0:24. Then, I deleted it from the post at 0:30. Unexpectedly, I couldn’t re-attach the same image from my local filesystem to the same post at 0:38. I think people will expect that a deleted image can just be re-attached to a question or an answer. Please let me know what you think. Thanks, Adrian

This is not issue with attaching but upload limit. AnsPress uploads temporary images to server and every time user tries to upload it checks for existing temporary images. Temporary uploads get clear only after user posts answer or question. But this is completely removed from upcoming version. From now on AnsPress does not upload temporary images unless user post form. So, kindly ignore this as solved. If you want a video illustration of new image upload lemme know.

Sounds good! I am looking forward to see how the image upload is implemented in the new version. No need to send a video illustration though. I’ll just check it out once the new version is available.