Ultimate Member Problem

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With last update 2.4 i can’ use anymore this┬ásolutions for ultimate member.

 * This filter will disable AnsPress user profile
add_filter( 'ap_user_profile_active', '__return_false');
 * This will override default AnsPress user page link
 * @param  integer $user_id User id.
 * @return string
function my_custom_profile_link ($user_id) {
	return home_url('/user/').$user_id;
add_action( 'ap_user_custom_profile_link', 'my_custom_profile_link' );

And when i try to open some profiles report me 404 error.

How i can fix this problem now?


Oh ultimate member is not there only userpro and BP. Try select blank option in user profile and your previous hook will work.

Notthing. After this update don’t work anymore, can u help me for find a solution please?

Follow what I said, it works. I just tried.

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