Ultimate Member Problem

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With last update 2.4 i can’ use anymore this┬ásolutions for ultimate member.

 * This filter will disable AnsPress user profile
add_filter( 'ap_user_profile_active', '__return_false');
 * This will override default AnsPress user page link
 * @param  integer $user_id User id.
 * @return string
function my_custom_profile_link ($user_id) {
	return home_url('/user/').$user_id;
add_action( 'ap_user_custom_profile_link', 'my_custom_profile_link' );

And when i try to open some profiles report me 404 error.

How i can fix this problem now?


Simply go to AnsPress option -> users and select Ultimate member as your profile:

Notthing. Still don’t work with ultimate member.
Actually, i can’t select ultimate member, but just: BuddyPress, Anspress, empty and User Pro

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