Title Tags Dont Change on Individual Questions

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Hey guys, solid plugin!

Question. Is there a way to change this? Currently, all questions/answers have the same title tag- the one that the shortcode is injected into.

Hope there’s a solution for this.

Thanks in advance!


Did you read documents?


Just use ANSPRESS_TITLE in your (base) Page Title (and change the slug to whatever you want).

Still while you will get the proper Q/A titles for each one, there are some problem with the way the Shortcode works and Rahul has promised some fix for it.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

If you use ANSPRESS_TITLE as the Page Title, it just simply changes it to that: http://pasteboard.co/1e1U4Ren.png

I am looking for the question to be in the title tag for each question that is listed.

Nop, it changes ALSO the each idividual question title page meta.It is documented also. What you post, show some problem. The ANSPRESS_TITLLE should be REPLACED at runtime.

Ah, it was the SEO plugin changing it. Now that i deactivated the SEO how do i change the titles of the main ‘Questions’ title tag to make it ‘Fantasy Questions’.
Same with the ‘Ask question’. I want to change it to ‘Ask Fantasy Sports Question’
What file would that be under?

Check in AnsPress options -> pages

Thank you.

it’s same issue to my projects please help
me check in AnsPress options -> pages