TinyMCE not loading/showing for answer form

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Hi all!

It has been a while I have this issue but since I had a lot of things to change on my website (including theme), I preferred to wait before getting some help. My problem is that the TiniMCE formatting icons (bold, italic,…) are not showing on my answer form (they are showing up fine on the ask a question page). When you click, you get the Ajax loading and then there is the text field that stills allow oneself to post an answer but without formatting. I checked previously asked questions about the matter or even the FAQ (this page) but nothing seems to solve my problem.

Since it’s quite an old problem and I remember there were issues with the editor before, do you know of any file that I might have overridden at that time and that could be messing up with my form now? Any other idea?

Any help/hint will be much appreciated. ?



Hello Fred, Please contact me in slack. I need to see the warning in browser console.

Ok, thanks. 😉