The fields on the question page are duplicated.

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All fields on the question page are duplicated. What is the reason for this?
Could this be related to the use of the Polylang or AMP plugin on the site? This is the first time I come across this.
I have not edited the question page. Created automatically. I did not find anything like this in the settings.

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This happens due to SEO plugin. Do you have YOST seo plugin installed?

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Sad 🙁 I used “All in One SEO”.

We are planning you release a fix next month, so your patience is appreciated.

It will be very helpful if you can share screenshots of your current settings of “All in one SEO” plugin along with permalinks page. Some people also reported this before but we are not able to replicate this.

At the moment, I’m choosing between Rank Math SEO and Yoast SEO.
will there be problems with Rank Math SEO?

Post permalinks – /tegory%/%postname%
Archive – /tegory%

PS Something cuts ….%..с…а….