Tags lookup not working

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Current master 2.4-Beta2

Asking a question, in the Tags lookup, the spinner spins but that’s all it does.

No tags suggestions are made.

Please provide link to your ask page, I will check the ajax response.

Still not working in 2.4Beta-3

@Rahul ~ did you take a look at my site yet and figure out why?

You dont have permission to ask question. make sure your default role is participants.

I am on 2.4-Beta3 now, by the way.

I can understand why the default user role must be set to “AnsPress Participants” for correct user permissions to apply.

And this should solve that, right?…

Settings>General>New User Default Role> SET TO “AnsPress Participants”

However, when I go to Settings>General, there is no ‘New User Default Role’ on my page…. which is the first issue I have to resolve.

But there’s another issue I have with this;

When I go to…

AnsPres>Options>Tools and SET Administrator ALL Basic Capabilities PLUS ALL Moderator Capabilities

…I still have the same problem when I try to ask a question. The tags spinner spins but no tags appear.

The same is true if I give the default user role “Subscriber” ALL Basic Capabilities.

Surely that should provide all registered users with access to the tags system?

Show me a screenshot of response of ajax in console log.

Why don’t you one you took when you accessed the link above which you asked me for 2 weeks ago?

@Terence, here is how my social login looks like:

Here is what permissions your social login asks:

No, I’m not going to let you manage my contacts, wtf?!

Otherwise, “Registration has been disabled.”
Looks like Rahul trusts you more than I do, he said earlier “You dont have permission to ask question. make sure your default role is participants.”
Probably that is the reason he can’t look at the console log himself.