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Hi Rahul,

I was thinking if there is a way to sync both local and remote wordpress.

As I had earlier mailed you, I am looping through external database (which contains multiple choice questions with answers), to create AnsPress Questions (custom wordpress post). So it would be easier for me to create them on localhost and then somehow send these Questions on live site.

(sorry for the off-topic question)


lol… I originally posted this question as a private, but after editing a typo, this question automatically became public. is it an issue on editing a private question or something I missed, @Rahul ?

Can you perhaps share your code on importing? I’m looking for a script I can easily modify to get my question2answer website into Anspress for WordPress

@acidrazor please see the piece of code on pastebin -
Although as Rahul has mentioned in his reply that he will be working on migrate script soon. That’s a good news.

@atul after you posted comment avatar got fixed 😐 really weird issue

@rahul, No. it was not corrected after posting comment. Rather it was corrected after I edited the answer. i guess well someday you’ll find
1. why this happened,
2. my private question became public after editing (some more small issues i will write somewhere else :P)

need to investigate 🙂 anyway thanks fro reporting the issue


Very simple answer and very simple solution 😀
PhpMyAdmin have this feature, search for “PhpMyAdmin local and remote sync”

Thanks for mentioning it, i will try that 🙂

@Rahul, after trying this, I recall now that what issues I had with this answer –

1. First of all I am NOT at all able to connect to remote database (I am sure that I am filling info correctly, because I am using the same in my android phone mysql app, and it’s working fine there with the same connection info) – error i get is – “Could not connect to the target”

2. I thought – if there will be any broken links in wordpress, if I get success in synching by phpmyadmin (don’t know it’s result as first I have not got success in syncing, and second wordpress is too complex for me understand quickly).

anyways i will keep trying and let you know, weather or not i was successful.

@Rahul – update to my previous comment – i found my mistake in remote connection to phpmyadmin.
Also, I tested a plugin – WP Sync DB, it’s good too. Although I need to learn wordpress and anspress little bit in-depth… hope someday I will 🙂 gn.

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