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Hi, My site was built with Elementor,
I was able to edit with Elementor the questions page, I was also able to edit the ‘Ask a question’ page (with the shortcode ‘[anspress]’).
I just can’t seem to edit the question page itself.
Maybe there is a codeshort for this page?

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Yes, you can try this:

[anspress page="ask"]

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this is for the ask page, I need the question and answers page. like this page on your site.

In elementor just drop [anspress] using the shortcode widget that will give you the the FAQ page.

Then when you click on a question you get the question displayed and history, this is (from what I see) done via child relationship.

To display the individual question, eg call it from a page directly, just use the whole question link as link to that question.

But is there a way to edit the page template (with sidebar and all stuff) used for the ingle question ? (not talking of single-question.php) but the page in the “pages” section of wordpress. I can find all the pages (categories, tags, ask…) but not this one