Shortcode for a single question?

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I’m trying to insert one particular question via shortcode.

Does something like this exist?

[anspress question=“5820”]

If not, is there a way to insert a specific question into a page?


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Yep, try this:

[question id="123"]
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Awesome! Is there a way to include the answers and to be able to reply right there?

You can use ask form widget along with shortcode.


This is not working for me [question=”23″] where 23 is my postid. 🙁
Of course this must be due to some kind of conflict with other content.
Console says:
<div id="anspress" class="ap-eq"></div>
where the short code content should appear. Any thoughts?

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Please ask in a new question.


I get this error when using this shortcode:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function ap_display_question_metas() in /home/content/a2pewpnas01_data03/08/3968208/html/wp-content/plugins/anspress-master/templates/shortcode/question.php on line 17