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I just installed the plugin. I want to be able to allow anonymous questions. I only want a couple of roles to be able to answer questions. I selected “allow anonymous” and “Only admin can answer” – I’m not sure what that really means. I created an Anspress Admin that is just has admin abilites for Anspress and not the rest of the site. Will that work? 

I also have everything to be moderated so I can only be published by an admin

In my testing I posted a question anonymously but when I approved it the author changed to the first username. How can I keep the question anonymous? It filled in the anonymous_name custom field with the testing name I entered how can that be used?

I also allowed comments, how can I allow anonymous comments and have go to Moderator status just like the questions?




There was a bug in AnsPress 3.x which is already solved in version 4.0.

When you enable option “only admin can answer” then only wp admin can answer questions.

Anonymous comment is not possible in AnsPress yet.

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when will version 4.0 be available? Is there any way to configure the plugin to do what I need it to do?