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When i upload image in question, it show image successfully upload but Image box still there and image did not show.. and when i edit question from frontend it shows like this…

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Please give me a temporary credential so that I can post some questions.

user: [email protected]
password: test1234

Thanks in advance..

This another issue i commented on my previous post hope you read this..

(when next version will release, because of this issue i can’t make my question seo friendly, if i add slug meta description from admin panel and update question then tags removes automatically. and if i post question normally then there is no slug meta description in it.. ? ? )

its escaping and missing tag issue. Please check in theme or override for missing html tag

i already changed theme 4-5 times but that issue always there..

This issue is not resolved ?? waiting from last month…

1. insert image is not working while posting question, insert image box is not minimize after click on upload & insert..

i investigated and found that insert image file goes to tmp folder, actually it takes files from upload folder.. then how to fix that


Sorry for delayed replay. I tried to check to find the cause of issue in your site last time you shared the credentials. It seems like some HTML tags are missing or not closed in theme hence this issue happening.
Can you kindly get in touch by email [email protected] and provide me admin access so that I can try with different theme.

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Its Ok sir. I sent admin details via email
SUBJECT: Anspress HTML tags missing

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