SEO Framework clashes with ANSPRESS_TITLE

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We saw this problem in here earlier with SEO plugins clashing and changing the page title.

I personally saw this with the “Add Meta Data” plugin, but in 2.4-beta4 it would appear to have been fixed.

However, I have just tried the latest version of “SEO Framework” plugin, v2.3.6, and the problem has returned.

All the AnsPress page titles for “questions” “users” “categories” “tags” etc, now just show “home”, the title of the home page.

The 2.4 release fixes this problem and/or The SEO Framework plugin no longer clashes with the page titles.

Thanks Terence for the SEO Framework hint. I didn’t know that little jewel. Thanks !!!

I don’t know about you, but I maintain over 60 sites and I am sick of Yoast releasing not ready software and then immediately pushing one or two updates which even then don’t fix the first problem.

And this time he went too far and made us sign up for a new service for no other reason than to fix the problem he had just created. Personally I think he did it deliberately just to get sign ups for them.

I have had it with his stuff, It was once the only game in town, but he’s got fat and lazy and The SEO Framework is MUCH better. This plugin is 185% to 802% faster.. It consumes 175% to 257% fewer server resources. Has fewer database interactions and 100% fewer advertisements!!!

There is one issue and that is there appears to be some sort of Home page Title clash, but I have asked them to look at it. I will come back here and report when they fix it.

There appears to be a home title clash with AnsPress plugin 2.4 the AskBug theme and The SEO Framework

The problem appears to be that SEO Framework is showing the “home” end-point of in the meta, instead of the page title, which in this case is “Questions”.

@Terence Seems to work right for me. Could it be because your HOME page is also the Anspress page ?

@Cagliostro ~ you are absolutely right, of course. But this is the weird thing. There is no “home” page my page list, so it has to be an end-point in AnsPress. In other words, the problem is programmatic and not something I have added.


Hello guys 😀

The SEO Framework’s plugin author here 🙂

I’ve posted an updated beta version on

The full 2.2.8 version of The SEO Framework is different from the beta but maintains the same fix.

This update should take care of the problems. In my tests it all works although I do not have access to the AskBug theme so it’s a hit or miss situation based on code expectations from the AnsPress plugin’s Theme class.

This issue lies with The SEO Framework plugin, not the theme :). Although it’s caused by the theme, because it’s not using WordPress core title functions D:. Anyway, therefor it shouldn’t be caused by the “HOME page” as suggested.

Please note, my assumptions could be off since I do not have access to the theme.

Hi there !

Just take under consideration that most people using Anspress are using normal Themes and not Askbug theme.

Hi @Cagliostro 🙂

That’s good to hear, that means it has been working as intended all this time for most AnsPress users 🙂
That doesn’t take away that I want it to work for everyone 😀

@Sybre ~ thank you so much but this is confusing as I am already using Version 2.3.7

@Sybre ~ the initial comment re “All the AnsPress page titles for “questions” “users” “categories” “tags” etc, now just show “home”, the title of the home page.” was about an earlier 2.4 beta3 version of AnsPress. And as far as I know, the author did nothing, or was unable to do anything specifically about it.

My question is now a little different as it is about the 2.4 release version of AnsPress and the AnsPress page titles for “questions” “users” “categories” “tags” etc, now all work correctly. Only “home”, the title of the home page, and an AnsPress end-point (not an actual page), appears in the meta for the “Questions” page. This is what’s called the “Base Page” in AnsPress and its used as the home page.

You can see it here ~

I don’t think its something you have done or not done in Thne Seo Framework. I think its something non-standard in AnsPress.

Unfortunately, I FTP’d the contents of that folder to the server, deactivated and reactivated the plugin, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference I can see.

@Cagliostro ~ I don’t think this is theme related. I think is an AnsPress issue.

@Sybre ~ if you want access to my AnsPress site for testing, just let me know.

Hi @Terence

Have you tried changing the Custom Title yet on the page itself? You can find that within the SEO metabox beneath the page content 🙂

If that doesn’t work, my reply on back-end access is usually a big no regarding trust and WordPress guidelines. However, since we’re not on now, I suppose I can take a look, but only as last-resort.

Please try the suggestion above first :). The page is after all named ‘home’ and is located at /home/. All SEO values, including the description sees ‘home’ as a title, which is taken outside of the AskBug and AnsPress loop.

The pages where AnsPress acts upon are after all ‘just’ pages, this means it’s based on WordPress Core functionality.

I await your reply 🙂 Thanks!

@Sybre welcome to our forum. Actually titles and Q&A logic exists in AnsPress plugin not in AskBug theme. You can check our repo in

Hi @Rahul Aryan,

Thanks for following up. I see my comments disappear 🙁 I know I’m listed as a false positive within Akismet because of aggressive theme testing (I was testing my theme’s comment nesting by spamming test posts :3).

I found the repo already to test 2.4.0 🙂 I noticed you guys have made it PHP7 compatible, awesome!

I’ll await @Terence his response based on my comment regarding editing the Custom Page Title 🙂

I’ve addressed the ANSPRESS_TITLE tag in various locations within The SEO Framework 2.2.8, this way at least the Description metatag is correct :).
Also, The SEO Framework 2.2.8 is ready for launch and is going through final testing. This bug will be addressed further in 2.2.9 if still present.

Thanks! 🙂

Since 2.4 ANSPRESS_TITLE is completely not required. Previously we are doing search and replace but now we are filtering the_post, and I believe this is the best way. I wish you best of luck for your new version, will try it.