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My pages/posts are set to 950px width. I’m trying to shrink anspress down to fit in the page space, but it seems like it’s the AP Sidebar (which does not have any widgets loading in it) that is making it overflow. I’m trying to find a solution that will shrink all sections on anspress down to fit. Do I have to remove the sidebar (if so where?), or is there a place to edit the size overall? I tried switching main.css min-withs to max-widths, but it doesn’t seem to do anything for me. I wouldn’t mind making anspress full screen (100%), but I can’t seem to figure out how to make anspress dominate the content section (so the overflow is hidden in the post header etc.). Any suggests welcome! Thank you!


I have done so much editing to try and figure out how to adjust to fit anspress into the 950 width pages that I’m probably going to have to do a clean reinstall before I apply and edits you may provide. Here is a link to the it right now as it is:

I think its issue with CSS minification, did you tried disabling CSS minify?


What i have done: I use a normal template (not full width) and i disable the stats etc from the Anspress. I add them back using the Anspress widgets and works very well, without streching my page.

The issue is the min-width is larger than my pages. I’ve disabled everything I can find and use no widgets, yet I still have overflow.

Checking your url above, there are many many problems in all Anspress pages. Disable also “Subscribe and Stats widgets will be shown on question page”. I think the skin you use doesn’t play well with Anspress.

My theme is fully responsive and Anspress works 100% even on mobiles sizes.

I found the css and added: #anspress .col-md-12 { width: 950px; margin-left: -30px !important;}. The reason it doesn’t work well with the theme is because the theme has been customized on obscene amount over the past year. It won’t take too long to sort out the jumble.