Questions display in back end, not on front end.

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I am having a major problem with Anspress.  I can see the questions on the back end. but on the front page, it just says that no question has been asked yet.  If I submit a question, it still says that no questions have been asked, but on the back end I can see the new question.  Please help.



Please check, if they are published. I think questions are held for moderation.

You can change status of new questions in AnsPress options.

If I click on “all answers” they all show as published. They were working fine before the update. Any ideas? I have 26 questions with answers right now. Thanks for the fast response.

You migrated from 1.4.3 to 2.1 ?

2.16–there have been a lot of updates the last few days. Should I email you a login?

Email Sent. Thanks Rahul


Its look like there are some anspress theme override, please remove old version override. Query has been changed in new version.

I don’t know how to do that. It must be a setting from my theme’s developer. Do you know of an easy way to remove the override? Thank you for your time, I know this is a free plugin. I am loving the way that anspress looks on the site. It just needs the Questions and answers lol.