questions about search and Permalink

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Hi, first of all many thanks for this plugin,

I have so many questions and issues:

1- The search function it’s not working will with arabic character.

2- is there any way to change the status of any new question as Draft or un-publiched until i a prove it?

3- My Permalink for any posts “domain/title_of_post” so is there any way make the Permalink for any question as “domain/slug/NUMBERS” i don’t want it like my posts Permalink.



  1. Did you tried RC version from GitHub?
  2. Yes you can change initial post status in AnsPress option -> question.
  3. Yep, there is an option in AnsPress->general.

1. yes i have same problem, can you check this link:مطور
it`s return there is no result ?!

I will add the fix.