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We are your customers and looking to create a Q&A structure to better display content on Google as a Schema.
The problem is that you have created code called Q&A, but it does not work.
The content of our question and answer is not related to SCHEMA.
I will send a link to see if this code does not work and Eskima Q&A has been useless.

<div id="ap-single" class="ap-q clearfix" itemscope itemtype="">
 <div class="ap-question-lr ap-row" itemscope itemtype="" itemprop="mainEntity">
  <meta itemprop="@id" content="<?php the_ID(); ?>" /> <!-- This is for structured data, do not delete. -->
  <meta itemprop="name" content="<?php the_title(); ?>" /> <!-- This is for structured data, do not delete. -->
  <div class="ap-q-left <?php echo ( is_active_sidebar( 'ap-qsidebar' ) ) ? 'ap-col-8' : 'ap-col-12'; ?>">

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Hey hossein,
We have just released an update for AskBug that should resolve this issue.
Additionally, this update fixes an issue that caused some users to not be able to automatically update the theme. So you may need to manually update the theme if the automatic update files.

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This problem was also solved.
Thank you for your efforts. You can see an example of a forum made with anspress ❤

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Hello .
Do you mean that if the askbug template is updated, the Q&A problem will be solved?
This structure is in plugin anspress.
I’m looking for the microdata structure of the schema for the questions and I was happy to find out that it has been added to the code.
But the structure does not work.
What do you recommend .

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