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I had a look at this them (AskBug) and looks fantastic, just i want to ask if we can show the category of the question in mobile view, because i viewed  the them on mobile and found only the title is showing, no date, no category no views, no poster name (views not important, and poster name also) but the date and the category the questions belong to is very important to show in mobile view. See the picture below how only the title is showing.


2-the second qustion, do i have to install AnsPress with the Askbug to make it work ?


3-and if somebody answered on old question, that question will maintain the position  or will move to the top of the recent questions ?


4-Does this them support RTL ?


5-And also can I make the question and answers in full width for example see the picture below from quora the answer is not boxed. It’s in full width can I make it like that ?



the last question. does this them support live notifications or live update, for example if i’m readying a question and somebody wrote an answer do in need to refresh the page to see it or will appear immediately  with no need to refresh the page ?

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Thank you for your interests in AnsPress.

  1. In mobile view all question metas are hidden to save space. If you want them to show then you’ll require few custom CSS.
  2. Yes, AnsPress must be installed.
  3. By default, its moved to top of list.
  4. Yes.
  5. Yes, it can be done.
  6. It does not support live updates.
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How about notifications? This theme supports notifications or live notifications? and for question number 1 can i show the views, category, and date only on mobile view?, because these what i need exactly to show of users on mobile. And sorry i forgot to ask, where i can embed ads banners? can i do it between the answers? on the desktop is ok but i wanna now where i can add ads on mobile. Thanks.