Please prefix your post types. Conflict with Woocommerce Sensei

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I use AnsPress and WooCommerce Sensei on the same site. Both plugins registers the same post type.

So there is a conflict where AnsPress questions show up as Sensei quiz questions.

Please prefix your posttype upon registration with ap_ or something similar, so there is not conflict with other plugins.

I have tried to contact WooCommerce and ask them the same. But they have pulled the plug for the next 11 days for their customers, and you are unable to create support tickets? 

So please consider prefixing your post_type names.

Custom Post Type naming bestpractices from codex.wordpress

So you should really use ansipress_question and ansipress_answer or even better yet io_ansipress_question and io_ansipress_answer (reverse domain prefix)

Please give me an update on this topic. If AnsPress does not prefix the post type names, I will have to switch to DWQA. Which prefixes post types with DWQA, so I can avoid conflicts with other post types.

Not bashing an other plugin (i’m not affiliated with Anspress in any way) but after trying DWQA for a while, i can tell you that it is a complete insecure rubish. And totally unsupported.

I have been there, but I have no choice if this prefix issue is not delth with. I must have woocommerce sense I and a question answer plugin on my site.

Woocommerce can’t promise an update and I get no reply from anspress.

I have invested 3 months in getting anspress to behave then version 3 broke my work because of Ajax loading of the tiny mce editor, which does not load my editor plugins, and now I am stuck with this prefix issue.

I have validated the code in dwqa and it prefix its post types with dwqa.

So I would prefer to stay with anspress but I have no choice if this problem is not resolved,

Right ! I’m pretty sure Rahul will comment and fix this, since this is a Stopper for you. Just understand that it may take a while.

I hope to get an eta for this so I can decide what to do.


Any update fixing this ?