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Hi, we have a problem in more then one website we are using anspress.

The issue is that the links on answers (see screenshots) are generating weird permalinks they are not working.

Then we have a lot of 4xx error caused by anspress.

I tried alreday a lot but did’nt fount the answer. Please help!


Here just one of the Websites to seeĀ  it.

Thanks for a quick answer.

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Ja thanks. Now we have this:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare ap_user_can_ask() (previously declared in /home/storage/d/a5/57/seguroviagemnota101/public_html/wp-content/plugins/anspress-question-answer/includes/class/roles-cap.php:132) in /home/storage/d/a5/57/seguroviagemnota101/public_html/wp-content/plugins/anspress-master/includes/class/roles-cap.php on line 167


Is there not any stable version of the plugin that dont generates this crawl errors?

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Look like you are trying to run two AnsPress in one website. Please delete one and then try.

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