Participants can’t edit their own questions

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I am using WordPress 5.0.3
Participants don’t see link for editing their own questions although they have this permission in the role settings.
I have seen info in this forum about avoiding using the base page as the home page.
I am not sure what the base page is but have created a new page and selected it as the home page but problem still persists.
Please help.

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Hello Lynn,
Have you already edited AnsPress roles capabilities? Please check if you have not unchecked edit_question caps by mistake.
Also double check if editing is allowed in AnsPress options.

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Hi Rahul
For participants, all Basic caps are checked, all Moderator caps are unchecked.
I can’t find an option to allow editing in AnsPress options.
Under Post and Comments I see an option relating to Question editor/Answer editor but that seems to be to do with enabling the Quick tags editor rather than anything to do with roles.
Could you please tell me where the setting for allowing editing is?
Many thanks

Hi Rahul
I have checked again and can’t find the setting for allowing editing in AnsPress options. Please help. Thanks ever so much. Lynn

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