overriding AnsPress styles

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1) It says here [https://anspress.io/documents/?doc_page=theme-override] ~ “For adding or overriding AnsPress styles we suggest to use overrides.css. This file is initially left blank so you can add your own styles here.” ~ but the override.css is no longer left blank and is fully populated with css.

2) There is already an anspress folder created inside the askbug theme. So if that folder is created programmatically either by the theme or plugin, any customizations made there will disappear as soon as the theme/plugin is updated, yes/no?

  1. Are you sure? https://github.com/anspress/anspress/blob/master/theme/default/css/overrides.css
  2. Create child theme

1) absolutely sure. There’s 654 lines of css in my /wp-content/themes/askbug/anspress/css/override.css and I didn’t put it there.

2) that’s what I did in the end.