Notifications do not apper on hover

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Notifications do not appear on hover by the Notification Menu.


It may be conflicting with your theme. share your site link.

I have solved it by myself with changing it in my child theme:

body ul ul#ap-notification-dropdown {
position: absolute;
left: 0px;

body ul li:hover ul#ap-notification-dropdown {
display: block;

I have found a little error in your code. You have to change the “display” value of the selector “body ul li:hover ul#ap-notification-dropdown” from “none” to “block”. Then it is nice to set the “position” of the selector “body ul ul#ap-notification-dropdown” to “absolute” and add the value “left” with “0px” to fix a little design issue. Then it is working like a charme!

Good to know you made it work. Cheers.