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I don’t appear to have a blog page now. I have the menu entry, and I have the blog page itself, but the posts are not accessible.


Later correction:

Very strange. Its working now.

@Rahul ~ what’s going on and how come no answer from you in 3 weeks?

The ‘technical support’ for this product is awful! Especially saying your paying $49 for a basic licence.

So I wait patiently for 3 weeks, and then when I dare to ask for support, I get marked down a point?

Have I fallen down a rabbit hole or something?

It was me who downvoted. I tried to read your question and act on it, but there is not enough info for me to look into it: no real site example (i don’t remember your site url). No screenshots. No example paths that fail. Etc.

If exactly this haven’t happened to me before – there is no way I will be able to help you with amount of info you provided.

I don’t like questions that are asked like this. I downvote.

@Dima ~ it’s pretty pointless if you just turn up and downvote a question, because it doesn’t conform to what you think a question should be, and then don’t even leave a note to tell the person why you have downvoted the question.

On this occasion, I would have to say I agree with your reasoning, but I think your methodology leaves a something to be desired… 😉

“Very strange. Its working now.” I hope you fixed it.


@Terrence how did you get your blog page to show

I created a page called blog and I used the blog template for it.

@Terence could you help me with this? Can the blog page be used for Users to create blogs or only the admin? And could you help me set this up, totally confusing to me…

All you have to do, is like I said. Create a page called blog and for it use the blog template. That’s it. Then you just simply start entering posts. In the standard configuration, without BuddyPress, there’s only one blog.

Thanks @Terence, will all users be able to post blogs or just me the admin?

I don’t know but I assume if you use BuddyPress you can have multiple blogs and your users can post on them. I don’t know for sure because I don’t run BuddyPress with this setup.

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