Need help with Shortcodes

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When I add shortcode ([anspress]) to Widget-Text, it showing anspress, but when im adding the same short code to My wordpress – editor it is simply displaying as – [anspress]


How can I add shortcode to HTML Editor of WordPress


I have activated the plugin and also added the shortcode in one page, but the page shows the shortcode itself. Is there are any php file to be added or linked. Do let me know urgent

If shortcode is not working that mean plugin is not active. Go to plugins and activate AnsPress


Make sure AnsPress is activated 🙂 first thing you should check.

yeah… i added shortcode to widget it is displaying…but if add to editor directly to home page it is simply showing the short code….I think some coding required for adding it to home page….Can you tell How Text-Widget works?

Problem resolved
i have to insert this — / php link i have to give …im not able to post it here /