My Theme’s Navigation menu width is reduced to 50%

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My Theme’s Navigation menu width is reduced to 50% in length.

Is this a CSS issue ?

If yes, how do I fix it ?


I will check this, little busy this week so not able to check it.


I was able to isolate the issue…

Within the “ap.css” file on LINE 1 there is the following code:

/*start bootstrap styles */
* {
-moz-box-sizing: border-box;
box-sizing: border-box;


When I delete this line the Theme’s Navigation is normal.


Then it makes the WP sidebar widget fall below the Questions box.


Please help.


What are the exact CSS codes ?

I cant say without seeing your site


Just override it style in your theme, you can also override anspress style. Just create an


directory in your active theme then copy


folder from anspress theme and then edit it.


I believe the plugin’s CSS is causing this because the theme’s top navigation menu is NOW the exact same width as the plugin’s menu on the “Questions” page.

How do I fix this ?