My Anspress dont save user questions. How can I fix it?

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I´m creating a Blog for a friend of me. He wants to have a Q&A Page for VFX, ANimation Questions and so on.
When I post a question as a user there is no response of the page it redirects automatically to the “Ask-Page”.
It is dont saving in the SQL Database and I dont get any reaction.
If I´m doing the same in the backend as admin there is no problem. I didnt change anything, I downloaded it, but no possibility to save Userquestions.
Provider: Domainfactory
MySQL: 5.6.19
PHP 5.6.2
Wordpress 4.0
Best regards and thx.
Hermann del Campo


Hi, I have the same issue, cant add new questions or comment existing questions from front-end. Adding questions from wp-admin works fine.

I am checking Hermann del Campo site for issue.

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