Multiple bugs and issues with in 4.1.0

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Sorry but 4.1.0 is messed up:

First of all after upgrading I need to update save the permalinks multiple times, I know WP is messy with those things that is why I know. I am not sure if its the anspress permalinks save or the core wo permalinks save but I have to do this or questions links will lead to wrong pages …

Why are comments in a modal now? I hate this! “Comments open by default” does not work.

I cannot edit answers, I get “Sorry, you cannot edit this answer.” permissions are supposedly improved, in my case they are just messed up. No information at all why. I am the admin of the site I have all the permissions!

Clicking the answer from now gets me the animation to load the form but nothing happens, it just gets stuck. All this AJAX bullshit, modals …. trying to be fancy actually just ruining everything making user experience worse. Not error messages … nothing even with WP debug enabled. Total mess.

It may also have to do with my new host and caching, I disabled caching for everything in /support/ where my Anspress site is. I do not know its its trying to load things from elsewhere because its totally nontransparent what its doing. Set cache to 1 seconds only. Tried again, that not seems to be it.

I know this is hard work and all but it feels like we are the beta testers again and I am annoyed.

I never even touched any of the permissions but I just noticed that the `ap_read_comment` permission was missing from all of the roles! Strangely enough my issue is with answers not comments.

So glad I am actually testing this on a staging site. I will wait b4 I upgrade but I have the feeling it will be a mess no matter how long I wait. Not sure if I should just switch to something that just works. I spend so many hours coding my own thing into it …

When closing the stupid comment modal the page scrolls to the very top. It happens on this site as well. Why oh why did you implements this stupid modal? Why not just a basic textarea where the actual comment are like b4. This so counterintuitive!


And BTW I even always test the latest git, something the ordinary user will never do. So my condolences to this using this as just another plugin who just got served this mess.

Comments completely hidden – so annoying.

I experienced something similar and also had to update permalinks to individual posts. I didn’t know how to do this for all posts but it did work going through each … one by one as suggested. The only thing is that the order was messed up after saving. So I had to do this twice, starting with the oldest post, to conform to the descending post order as preferred.

Any suggestion on how to do update permalinks in bulk?

Hello @Ogle,
Will you kindly post your issue in new thread. As we are reviewing issues posted by @nico so we wouldn’t discuss any other issues here.

I agree. The ajax load is annoying.

And if you are not logged in, then you cannot see the “Add a Comment” button.