Modify or remove existing tabs

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Is there a way to edit or remove existing tabs from user page?

I’d like to :

– put together “followers”, “following” and “subscriptions” categories in one tab

– create “stats” tab with datas displayed on “about me” tab (reputation, votes, top answers…)

– remove “reputation” tab (only keep the “stats” part)

– put a cv on “about me” …



You can easily remove a tab from users page, I ahve answered this many time, so please use search. For rest of things you override every user page as your need.

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It is probably good if you post a link to where you have answered this question. I am looking for an answer on this and I have found your same answer to this question several times with no link to the actual answer. This means I have to spend even more time searching for the right answer. It would be easier for your users for you to simply post the link.