Moderation tools

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I’d like to keep my Q&A system good. But users usually don’t care much.

Sometimes they may ask new question as an answer to an old question.

What I need to be able to do, is to moderate my AnsPress installation:

  1. pull answer out of a question and turn it into a separate new question
    (when user asked new question in an “answer” form by mistake)
  2. move answers between different questions
    (when there are duplicate questions and both have good answers)
  3. be able to transform Comments into either questions or answers as well

Was able to achieve (1) by going to wp_posts, then changing post_title, post_name, guid to new values, changing post_parent to 0 and post_type to question.

Now “old” question still shows answers: 2 (it should be 1 now), and I guess there are a lot of tails left like in wp_ap_activity “new_answer” (although this meta looks fine, should just add new row like “new_question_from_answer”, no idea what it’s used for 🙂

Found that currently trashing answer doesn’t revert/update question’s “__ap_activity” (minor flaw)