Minimum tags, I enter 0, and it goes back to 1?

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In the 4.1 version, I set the tags minimum to 0, then save, and it resets to 1. Will there be a way to set it to 0 so it is not required?

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I can see the bug in my install as well. Please add below hook for now (we will add a fix in next release). You can get more info about tags field here AnsPress_Tag::ap_question_form_fields().

 * Set minimum tags required to 0.
function my_ap_question_form_fields( $form ) {
  if ( isset( $form['field']['tags'] ) ) {
    $form['field']['tags']['array_min'] = 0;

  return $form;

add_action( 'ap_question_form_fields', 'my_ap_question_form_fields', 99 );
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I did try this, but it didn’t work, the requirement was still there. To make it easier for me, I just disabled tags alltogether.