Merge Duplicate Questions and Answers

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After seeing a duplicate question here, I was thinking, if it’s possible to not only mark the question as duplicate, but also – merge the (new) duplicate question to its original old one, along with any answers or comments, the new question has received.
Also display the link to original question beneath this question… so that users wont have to search it.


Nothing will happen to post, admin can show list of original questions. just have a look at stackoverflow duplicate questions. 🙂

Yes, that would be the best way to deal with duplicate questions. 🙂


Yes, that would be great. I thought of this, after seeing one of the question marked as duplicate. The first few things that came into my mind were –

– where is the original question?
– what answers did it get?
– if the original question already has an accepted answer and can that be applied to the newly asked question (marked duplicate)?

I think, anyone seeing a question marked as duplicate will have the same thought.

Now in the current scenario, one will have to manually search. So, yes it would be great.. if we can display duplicate/related links.

(sorry, as the post was a bit longer, i thought to post as answer, instead of comment to your answer)


Dear Atul, I dont think this will be usefull. and also it will confuse user. But we can show a related or duplicate questions list below question.
What you say ?