Losing toolbar on answer editor after WordPress core update

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After updating to WordPress ver 4.9.7, which contains an update to TinyMCE (ver 4.7.11), whenever I click inside the answer editor (on the front end), the toolbar disappears.  This is happening in multiple browsers on multiple computers and with users with different roles.
The first image is how the answer editor looks when the page is loaded.  The second image is after I click inside the “Write your answer…” area.

In my troubleshooting attempts, I noticed
<div id=”answer-form-c” class=”ap-minimal-editor”>
gets changed to
<div id=”answer-form-c” class=””>
after clicking inside the answer area.  When I manually add the class back using my browser’s developer tools the buttons reappear. I cannot find any CSS styles assigned to ap-minimal-editor nor can I figure out what gets run when I click inside the answer area.
WordPress ver 4.9.7
AnsPress ver 4.0.5
Has anyone else run into this issue or know how to resolve it?

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Please install the latest version of AnsPress.

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Thank you for the reply Rahul.

Are you fairly certain this will resolve the problem?

Unfortunately, the original developers who built this site made modifications to the plugin files instead of overriding them as outlined at https://anspress.io/resources/getting-started/overriding-and-customizing-anspress/.

So, if there is an excellent chance updating AnsPress will resolve this problem then I can use this as an opportunity to request budget for updating the plugin and properly overriding it.



We have made few fixes related to TinyMce. I am not 100% sure but I think it will solve your issue if not a plugin conflict. You can email me at [email protected] if you are interested in a paid investigation.

Updating Anspress to the latest version and updating WordPress core resolved my problem.

WP ver 4.9.8
Anspress ver 4.1.13
Genesis ver 2.6.1
Mai Lifestyle Pro child theme

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