Login with Google Not Working on Mobile?

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I would like to use anspress.io, but I can’t get the Google login to work on mobile. I’ve tried several times on different phones. I’m trying on this site (anspress.io/quesitons). When on mobile, click “ask a question” and it says you can log in with Google. So I do. I go through the whole process, and then in the end it just says “Processing please wait” and the spinning wheel goes forever.

If I do it on desktop, it goes through the whole process, but then lands on the signup page again so it it’s not clear that it worked. But if I try to login again with google, it says I’m already logged in, and then if I click ask a question I am able to.

Is this a bug? Could someone confirm? If it can be worked out, everything else seems like it could be great.


Hello Ridan,

Thanks for reporting your issue here. I think this was due to http/https redirect. I just fixed our rewrite rules. Lemme know if you can login using google now.