Is there a way to rename default ANSPRESS_TITLE base page created after installation of anspress plugin?

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I am new to anspress. I want to rename the base page ANSPRESS_TITLE created by default after installation of AnsPress Plugin. From documentation it seems we cannot change base page title to something else other than ANSPRESS_TITLE. Is it true? If not then can you please help me out on this.

Thank you!


Page title bug has been fixed, once and for all. Download master branch for testing.


I think there is more to this question than simply choosing a different page or different page name as your base page.

From my own experience, it has sometimes happened to me that I have seen the title “ANSPRESS_TITLE” displayed in the page.

I don’t see it now even though I still use the “ANSPRESS_TITLE” as my base page.

I have noticed it reappear when I have added plugins or made change, but then disappear once I save my permalink custom structure, which is /%postname%/

Before changing it, try saving your permalinks twice, and see if that gets rid of it.

With the latest Master running, it turns out I was wrong.

What’s happening here is ~ when I am logged out, it reverts to “ANSPRESS_TITLE” ~ but when I am logged in, it reverts to “Questions”. However, when I am logged out it shows “ANSPRESS_TITLE” as the title on the Questions, Users, Categories, and Tags pages.

The base page worked fine before.

I will check the base page.